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Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Today’s Boeing is more diverse than ever — and we’re just getting started. Read on to see how our people are coming together to build a culture and workplace in which everyone is respected, valued and inspired to contribute to our shared success.

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“I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams I would be where I am today. I want to represent to other Muslim women who want to be engineers someday that this is something they can do too.”

- Zina Alnoor, Electrical Systems Design Engineer, The Boeing Company

Our Commitments

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At Boeing, we strive every day to be the best, most equitable, diverse and inclusive company on earth. This ambitious vision requires daily commitment and effort. We start with a foundation of equal employment opportunity — the notion that everyone should have an equal opportunity to work, to advance, to earn a living and to have a positive impact on their environments. We strengthen that foundation by identifying and eradicating employment barriers, which brings us closer to our vision of equity. We take action by ensuring that employees are compensated equitably throughout their careers. Equal pay for equal work is the right thing to do and makes us a better, more inclusive and higher-performing company. And in everything we do, we are guided by our enduring values of diversity, inclusion, integrity, trust and respect. We make these commitments to ourselves and one another as we seek to ensure that every one of us is valued, respected and inspired to bring our best selves to work every day.

    Our Involvement

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    We know that being a truly equitable, diverse and inclusive company requires a commitment not only to our team members but also to our communities across the globe. It means meeting people where they are and acknowledging that we may need different things to bring our best selves to work. One employee may benefit from the solitude of a workplace prayer or reflection room, while another may wish for adoption assistance or paid parental leave in order to start a family. Yet another employee may have found a second chance through our Return Flight program, which provides a supportive landing for STEM professionals to reenter the workplace after raising a family or caring for loved ones. Our communities may crave connection through cultural or philanthropic events. Creating the conditions for people to connect, learn and find fulfillment helps us be the Boeing we want to be.

      Celebrating Our Teamwork

      • 2019 Top 50 Company for Diversity

        DiversityInc is a world leader in using data to assess companies’ commitment to diversity. They ranked Boeing 32nd out of 1,800 companies due to our focus on increasing workplace diversity.

      • 2019 Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion

        Disability:IN is the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. Our employees’ tireless commitment to disability inclusion was recognized with a 100% score.

      • 2020 Top 10 Military Friendly Company

        Military Friendly® Company measures organizations' commitment to serving military and veteran communities. Boeing earned a 2020 Military Friendly® Company – Top 10 designation (No. 5).

      • 2019 Top 50 Employer: Minority Engineer

        Minority Engineer Magazine reaches engineering and computer science students and professionals nationwide. They ranked Boeing the No. 1 U.S. company for which minority engineers would prefer to work.

      • 2019 Top 50 Employer: Woman Engineer

        Woman Engineer Magazine ranked Boeing the No. 3 U.S. company for women engineers. Woman Engineer reaches students and professional women engineers nationwide.

      • 2019 Best for Adoption-Friendly Workplace: Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

        The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the only U.S. public nonprofit focused solely on foster care adoption, voted Boeing No. 1 in aerospace and 47th in the U.S. for an adoption-friendly workplace.

      • 2019 Top Supporter of HBCU Engineering Schools: Career Communications Group Inc.

        Career Communications Group Inc. recognized Boeing as the No. 2 top supporter for historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) engineering programs.

      • 2019 Top-Rated Workplaces for Veterans

        Indeed is the most visited job site worldwide. In 2019, after analyzing more than 200 million ratings and reviews, they identified Boeing as one of the 25 best places for veterans to work.

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      “I think helping people bring their true selves to work, to create the environment where they are seen, valued and heard, is what I feel is my calling.”

      - Bavan Holloway, Vice President, Corporate Audit, The Boeing Company

      Our Stories

      Community Outreach

      Championing equity, diversity and inclusion has far-reaching effects. It connects communities, supports a diverse and inclusive workplace, and empowers us to be better versions of ourselves — more valued, more fulfilled and more inspired to contribute our best. Every day, our employees accomplish amazing things. In our workplace, employees with diverse backgrounds around the world are connected by a shared passion for our purpose and mission to connect, protect, explore and inspire the world through aerospace innovation.

      We are committed to serving the diverse, global communities our team members represent and inspiring the next generation of innovators to help us connect, protect, explore and inspire the world. We invest heavily in educational programming, particularly in the engineering and technology fields, so that every student, whatever their identity or background, feels empowered to follow their dreams. Learn more about how Boeing supports the communities our employees represent.

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        “The Boeing Employees Pride Alliance allows employees to feel safe enough to bring their whole selves to work. Once I felt comfortable being myself at work, I wasted less energy hiding parts of my life and co-workers could get to know me better. I felt more proud to be an employee.”

        - Brett Youngstrom, IT Specialist, The Boeing Company

        Our Business Resource Groups

        Every week, at locations around the world, Boeing employees gather to celebrate what makes each of us unique and what we have in common. These volunteer, employee-driven groups, called Business Resource Groups, focus on a particular part of someone’s identity, such as ethnicity, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status, though every group is open to all. Business Resource Groups are powerful engines of personal, professional and organizational change – in part because they benefit from direct and meaningful engagement from Boeing’s most senior leaders. Members grow their community and their skills while making a real difference at Boeing.

          Business Resource Groups: By the Numbers


          Our External Technical Affiliations Program

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          We are committed to helping our employees continually develop their professional, technical and leadership skills. That’s why we partner with hundreds of leading professional and technical societies and organizations around the world. Our partnerships with these organizations help employees grow their professional networks, build their skills, and improve our products and services.

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            “Being offered a job to work at Boeing was a dream come true. I knew right off the bat how committed they were to accommodating my needs as a deaf person. Boeing is a world of endless exploration, so it helps to explore the different tools available here.”

            - Taylor Mickelson, Information Designer, The Boeing Company

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            We’ve set ambitious business goals for ourselves. We aspire to be nothing less than the world’s leading aerospace company and an enduring global industrial champion. Our century of experience has taught us that the only way we’ll achieve these bold aspirations is if we value and engage every employee around the world. At Boeing, we know diversity and inclusion aren’t just the right things to do for our employees, customers, suppliers and communities — they’re also absolutely necessary for our continued growth.


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