Common Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Problems + Troubleshooting

husqvarna 435

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It’s annoying when you’re in the middle of a big project, and suddenly your chainsaw stops working. Not only is it a detriment to your project, but also to your safety. To troubleshoot this issue right away, our resident woodworkers summed up all the answers to your Husqvarna 435 chainsaw problems.

Top Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Issues and Solutions

Husqvarna chainsaws are known for being more versatile and long-lasting. They do, however, frequently have trouble starting up. But with these few tricks, you can quickly solve the most common problems.

Problem #1: Engine Starting Issues Due to Bad Air Filter

Similar to a poorly running Poulan chainsaw, filters that are clogged, dirty, or damaged are one of the most common causes of your Husqvarna chainsaw’s troubles, like overheating, performing poorly, or emitting excessive emissions.

Solution: Replace the Air Filter

Remove the top and bottom screws, detach the old filter, and replace it with a new one. In addition, you should also replace the nuts. Try starting the engine again to see if the starting problem with your chainsaw has been fixed.

Problem #2: Bad Fuel Mix That Results in Damaged Engine

The engine’s condition can be affected by a lighter or heavier fuel mix. Running the engine lean or rich is both bad for it.

mixing fuel for husqvarna chainsaw

Solution: Check the Right Fuel Mix and Replace Regularly

You should not leave the oil mixture in an engine for an extended period. Remove the old oil before pouring in the new mix. Here is the recommended blend for the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw engine:

Problem #3: Damaged Fuel Hose Due to Ethanol

Some oil mixtures contain ethanol, which can degrade fuel hoses quickly. As a result, the fuel hose remnants enter the engine and obstruct the passage.

Solution: Use Fuel With No Ethanol

Avoiding ethanol is the best solution to this problem [1]. To prevent fuel hose deterioration and ensure proper fuel flow, use synthetic fuels and the ones recommended by the manufacturer. 

Problem #4: Defective Spark Plugs Causing Ignition Issues

Spark plugs are essential components of professional chainsaws because they aid in engine ignition. The ignition will not work without a spark plug. Thus, they are usually to blame for an engine not starting.

chainsaw defective spark plug

Solution: Replace the Damaged Spark Plugs

Replacing a spark plug is simple, and they are also readily available. 

Our experts recommend using gloves and safety glasses when holding the spark plugs and pulling both heads out. Re-use the spark plugs if you think they’re still in good condition, and polish them with 180-220 sandpaper.

Problem #5: Dirty or Clogged Carburetor That Hinders Fuel Flow

The carburetor is the engine’s beating heart, so it must not have any dirt inside. It’s also complicated to work with the carburetor. So, consult a technician if needed.

Solution: Clean the Carburetor

Disconnect the choke and throttle link and brush the outer surfaces of the carburetor. Remove the screws in the correct order and clean beneath the top cap. Remove the bottom cap and poke the dirt out with a small pick.

husqvarna carburetor

In some cases, the carburetor may need to be adjusted. Hire a technician if required.

Other Common Concerns

Adjusting the Husqvarna 435 Carburetor

Ensure the air filter of your Husqvarna chainsaw is clean and the cylinder cover is in place when making adjustments. Adjusting the carburetor while the air filter is dirty will result in an overly lean fuel mixture and cause severe engine damage.

When to Replace Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Chain

You should replace your chainsaw chain if you experience bouncing and a rattling sensation or the chain is going out of right direction. You can also replace the chain if the chainsaw is no longer pulling itself into the wood or the chain keeps coming off even when you troubleshoot it. Furthermore, crooked cuts, missing or damaged teeth, and smoking, even when lubrication is good, are signs that you need to replace them.

Husqvarna 435 Coil Issues

The ignition coil is responsible for the transmission of voltage to the spark plug while the chainsaw engine runs. So when the ignition coil fails, your chainsaw will not start.

Before doing anything with your faulty ignition coil, ensure the spark plug is working fine. If it is in good condition, inspect the ignition coil using an ignition coil tester and replace it if it is faulty.


What causes my chainsaw to die after giving it gas?

A clogged fuel filter is the most likely cause of a chainsaw that starts and dies after a full rev. The dirt and grime blocking the fuel filter results in insufficient fuel that goes to the engine to keep it running. Some fuel ingredients may evaporate over time, leaving a thicker substance that clogs the fuel filter and causes stalling.

What is the cause of smoking in a chainsaw?

If a chainsaw emits white smoke, it is most likely due to a poor oil and fuel mixture or a defective piece of equipment. Furthermore, improper lubrication or extra oil can also cause the chainsaw to emit smoke.


If you’re a novice, it may take several hours to identify the problem with your Husqvarna chainsaw. There are a number of reasons why your chainsaw won’t start, from fuel to engine issues. If these tips fail to work, it may be time to take your chainsaw to the nearest Husqvarna service center for closer inspection.

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