Stihl 028 Chainsaw Review (AV Super): Size, Price, and Other Specs

person operating Stihl 028

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The Stihl 028 is one of the oldest chainsaws to have ever existed in the market. Although its base model was released in the year 1979, the production of the machine itself lasted for over a decade. Its production spanned from 1979 to 1990.

Although Stihl produced the same machine, there are different versions of the series produced. For example, Stihl started the production of the 028 AV Super in 1983. These variations of chainsaws determine their power, weight, efficiency, and the type of tasks they are best used for.

This article from our woodworking pros covers what using the 028 feels like, what they can be used for, and their overall specifications.

Stihl 028: The Review

These old series are made with the homeowner’s needs at heart, although they are at the higher end of the price range. This series of chainsaws sits at around the 50cc benchmark in terms of engine power. 

Stihl 028

They are perfect for homeowners interested in felling small trees and firewoods. It is suitable for those who use chainsaws occasionally.

The Various Models of Stihl 028

There are four models of Stihl 028 that have slightly different specifications. For instance, the 028 Wood Boss weighs 11.5 pounds, while the 028 Super Wood Boss weighs 12.6 pounds. 

To elaborate, here are the different models of the Stihl 028 chainsaws, the year in which they were produced, and notable specs:

Stihl 028 AV Super EQ

Various STIHL Models

CCsHorsepowerDisplacementWeightBar LengthProduction Years
028 AV47 ccs3 hp 2.87 cu in12.6 lbs13″ to 18″1979 – 1980
028 Wood Boss47 ccs3 hp2.87 cu in11.5 lbs13″ to 18″1979 – 1980
028 AV Electronic Quickstart47 ccs3 hp2.87 cu in11.5 lbs13″ to 18″1979 – 1983
028 AV Super51.5 ccs3.2 hp3.14 cu in12.6 lbs13″ to 20″1983 – 1990

Features of the STIHL 028 Series

The features and specifications of the STIHL 028 vary since there are four different models produced in different time frames. Ideally, it is expected that the later the model, is the “smarter” the machine. And that happened to be the case.

For example, anti-vibration technology evolved significantly between 1979 and 1990. Therefore, the later versions including the Stihl MS 200 T arborist saw provided a better comfort than the earlier ones.

person operating Stihl 028

A more difficult side-tensioner may be found on contemporary saws, while the previous ones featured a front chain tensioning screw. As a result of its immense popularity, Stihl went through many revisions to perfect the model. The mechanical points ignition was replaced, and anti-vibration mounts were added.

The 028’s powerhead is mainly made of metal alloy, making it a little heavier than a contemporary saw. It’s a tad heavy for contemporary tastes, but the 028 weighs just 12.6 pounds, making it manageable for just about everyone.

The following are the standout features of the STIHL 028:

Stihl 028 motor

That final feature is also the label ‘Electronic Quickstop’ that you find stated on many of the 028s. This is what we know now as a chain brake that quickly stops the saw when engaged.

How Much Can the Stihl 028 be Purchased?

Unlike the features and specifications of the STIHL 028, the Stihl chainsaw price is not fixed. There are cases in which some got their chainsaws lesser in price at $50, while some got theirs for over $290. 

It also depends on the chainsaw’s model, condition, and modification. For example, if a Stihl AV 028 costs $150, you can be sure that you will get a 028 AV super for much more than the AV 028, provided that the condition and modification are fair for both. 

If you choose to get yours online, you will have different prices. This same is also true with regard to the different chainsaw parts you might want to purchase for maintenance. Having extras will come in handy when some parts are broken or defective, or worse, when you have problems starting your Stihl chainsaw. 

Parts of the Stihl 028 That You Could Examine for Maintenance

When you encounter issues with your chainsaw chain, bar, and sprocket or they became worn out, they need to be changed. Stihl suggests replacing the bar with a green-labeled, reduced-kickback, 16 to 20-inch bar. Green-label low-kickback Topic-Micro 1 (26TM 1) or Rapid-Micro 2 (3/8TM 2) chains are suggested as a suitable replacement for your worn-out drive train chain (33 RM 2 or 36 RM 2). 

Stihl 028 chainsaw bar

It is recommended to use an eight- and a seven-toothed chain sprocket for changing the chain’s tooth count when using a chain that is 3/8-inch in pitch, respectively.

The Benefits and the Detriments of Using a Stihl 028

Other than the apparent fact that the STIHL 028 is no longer at par with the latest series of chainsaws due to its technology at that time, you cannot find any more significant disadvantages of the Stihl 028 series. It is vital, practical, and has an excellent power to weight ratio. 

The advantages and the disadvantages of the 028 series are iterated below.



Overview of the Stihl 028

If you’re looking for an affordable Stihl power tool, the Stihl 028 is an excellent choice. There’s no way it won’t become better with the 028 AV super in tow.

Stihl 028 on a log

If you’re a lover of good Stihl chainsaws, the 028 is a terrific option. But if you like the most modern models, you might be less than impressed. You should buy one if you can get a good deal on an antique Stihl chainsaw like the 028.

In our team’s research, we’ve come across many folks who have inherited them from their dads or grandfathers and plan to use them for the rest of their lives.

Just like the 026 model of Stihl, they’re a great saw to have around but a little heavier and slower than modern versions like the MS230.

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