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Cybersecurity & Information Management

Boeing offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for customers looking to protect their networks and better use their data.

Comprehensive Solutions

Boeing provides a comprehensive suite of interactive solutions in Cybersecurity. The company’s offerings include critical infrastructure protection network surveillance and data analytics, information security, mission assurance, and information operations capabilities. Boeing also provides a comprehensive suite of interactive solutions that help its customers better manage their data. Some of Boeing’s Information Management systems work in limited- and no-connectivity environments. Boeing’s solutions are trusted with the U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence communities.



Cyber-Range-in-a-Box, or CRIAB, is a compact system used to support the development, test, and experimentation of cyber tools and techniques, as well as to train cybersecurity personnel. CRIAB allows modeling and simulation of complex missions and advanced threats for creation of security solutions. CRIAB is Boeing’s hardware and software solution to efficient network emulation, virtualization, and integration for training, platform validation, rehearsals and evaluations. CRIAB Range Management Services enable centralized and enterprise accessible range management, control, and use. Boeing offers Cyber Test and Evaluation Services for customers’ training, workshop, and exercise needs, integrating CRIAB with the specific systems and scenarios of each customer.

Cyber Defense

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Boeing Advanced Malware Assessment Services leverage a proven process and multiple technologies, integrated into one portable solution for detecting advanced malware. This integrated suite of technologies provides real-time situational awareness of all network traffic, based on the behavior of entities operating across a network. Using passive network monitoring, the Boeing solution rapidly identifies network threats without disruption to network operations or performance. Boeing Advanced Malware Assessment Services discover and analyze the most advanced threats to a network by profiling threat actors and rapidly identifying compromised areas.

Advanced Analytics

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TAC is a leading data analytics solution, bringing situational awareness and decision superiority to decision makers worldwide across the DoD and Intelligence Community. Demands of today’s business world require managing excessive amounts of structured and unstructured data. TAC facilitates comprehensive situational awareness through rapid retrieval and presentation of real-time and historical data, thereby providing a decision advantage to its users. TAC relieves the burden of sorting through massive quantities of data by providing a persistent stare capability.

Data Management

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DataMaster provides users with easy to use, reliable tools for processing, exploitation and dissemination of imagery, video, maps, and terrain. The suite of tools allow users to retrieve, convert, and manage image and geospatial information resources from locations around the world, and provide end-to-end geospatial data management solutions that offer flexibility, quality, and performance. It supports multiple client connections simultaneously and manages requests of query, chipping, full extraction, Reduced Resolution Data Set (RRDS) generation or format conversion. We recommend using the DataMaster server for large workgroups, enterprises, or when catalog and archive protection are critical.

Information Sharing

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With the escalating complexities of information assurance and data volumes, HardwareWall enables rapid bidirectional, cross-domain transfer to accelerate information sharing and enhance operations. HardwareWall is the first flight-qualified and accredited TEMPEST hardware used on UAVs and Boeing derivative aircraft. HardwareWall-based solutions have been certified/accredited at Protection Levels 3, 4, and 5 at several DoD and Intelligence Community data centers. HardwareWall is on the Unified Cross Domain Management Office (UCDMO) approved list of Cross-Domain Solution (CDS) products.

Data Analytics

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As a foundational building block of the Intelligence Community’s analytic cloud architectures, Twister is a data framework providing both data consolidation and data federation. Twister allows massive amounts of data to be rapidly ingested, normalized, extracted and federated. Twister can transform, standardize, and normalize structured and unstructured data into multiple formats for quick dissemination across multiple networks to enable data analytics and decision making. Twister solutions are component-based, modular, highly reusable, scalable and portable. Powerful Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) functionality, with extended features, such as handling streaming data as well as bulk data processing for near real-time data delivery and processing both structured and unstructured text, requires application integration.

Cybersecurity and Information Management Milestones